Monday, June 29, 2009

Hail Storm

Summer time finally came to our neck of the woods this weekend. It was hot and muggy, it got up to 85. We'd planned to have E's family over for an afternoon cookout and the weather was cooperating. People arrived after 2pm, and everything was going well. Until we started up the grill around 5. That's when the summer storm hit.

It started with big fat rain drops. Then it turned into a downpour. And still, we were outside under the umbrella, giggling about the summer storm, counting Mississippis between booms of thunder. That was, until the hail started.

The hail was coming down in 1/4 inch chunks at first. Then they got bigger. And they didn't stop. At one point I ran out to rescue something from under the umbrella, and got hit by some of the larger pieces. It stung, more than I was expecting. The hail kept coming down as we watched from inside the house and Garage-Mahal. And it didn't stop until the ground was covered, it looked like it had snowed.

The rain, thunder, and lightening continued for a while, even after the power went out. And we talked about the phenomenon we'd just experienced. E's aunt had never seen a hail storm before in her life. She'll always remember this cookout!

The next day I went out to survey the damage. The veggies in the garden are flattened. The peas are all bent over. The peppers, which had been blooming and starting the baby peppers, now barely have any leaves, let alone flowers or baby peppers. The lettuce is completely flattened, splayed out like a mat on the ground. And my raspberry bushes, which for the first time in 3 years have berries, look like someone ran over them with their car. It's so very sad.

Another casualty of the hail, the rhubarb and katalpa tree. They have holes in the leaves, like someone shot them with a shotgun. Two folding chairs with cushy seats suffered the same fate.

OK, so, the silver lining. My rain barrels are full. I'll probably still get some peas. The spinach is so voracous that, while the hail did some damage, it's going to keep producing. It's early enough to plant some more for the summer. And, since we don't have the big garden ready yet, we'd bought a farm share at a local organic farm, that is just outside the path that the hail storm took.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oooh, My Head

I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten how it didn't stop. I'd forgotten how frustrating it was. I'd forgotten how much I wanted it to stop. I'd forgotten how I had no power over it.

For the first time in years, my headache wouldn't go away. Instead of my usual off and on for 5 days, and then gone for a few months, for 10 days, it was present, in different intensities. It started out consistent. Then it grew worse. Then it got better, and I though, OK, it's just about over. And then worse again. And 10 days later, it is finally gone. I think. I hope.

I'd forgotten. And I really hope I don't have to remember again. For a long time. If ever.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I got a call from E last night just after I'd left work. There was a very large turtle in our yard. He said its shell was about a foot long. I told him to take lots of pictures and to stay back a bit, it sounded like a snapper to me.

An hour later when I got home, E told me how the kitties had been very excited about the turtle, and had been checking it out. How he couldn't keep them away from it. But, nothing, thank goodness, happened, to either the turtle or the kitties.

By time I got home, the turtle had wandered off. E went on a scavenger hunt and found it again, just at the tree line in the woods. I grabbed my Audubon Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians and went to have a look. Sure enough, it was a snapper. It was probably a female going and looking for a spot to lay her eggs. The guide said they travel a long way from water to build their nest.

So, maybe in 9-18 weeks, we might be seeing baby snappers traveling through the area, going back to the stream or pond that mom came from.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogging About Yelping

I've been thinking for a couple of days that I should blog about my new, other writing past-time, Yelping. is a site where you can go and review any and all business that you frequent. And you can see what other people think about places you're thinking of going to. Or even find places you didn't know existed, and get some feedback on whether or not to go.

Years ago I had created a web site where I was reviewing restaurants. I figured that it would be beneficial for other vegetarians. I'd had a hard time finding restaurant reviews that were veggie minded. I'd only reviewed a few places when I gave up, creating my own web site was not my thing.

And then I found Yelp, and reviewing restaurants became easy. As did reviewing other things, like our local organic farm.

So now I'm blogging about Yelping. I find it kind of funny, actually. I guess I haven't gotten enough of writing yet...