Friday, October 29, 2010

The Tristan Report - 5 3/4 Months

So, I'm a bit late in giving the 5 month report. But that's OK, we'll do the 5 and 3/4 month report.

Tristan can roll over now! On 10/18, he rolled for the first time. I had him on his play mat in the kitchen with me while I made dinner. I looked over, and he was on his tummy. I rolled him back onto his back, and he rolled over again. So now he can get from his back to his tummy, and does so every chance he gets. Especially when he's just finished eating, and rolling on his tummy is going to make him spit up. We have a new game: after he eats, I put him down and he rolls onto his tummy, then I roll him onto his back. And repeat! He's working on figuring out how to roll from his tummy to his back, he can get his hips and legs started, but his arms keep getting in the way of actually rolling over. For now, when he's tired of being on his tummy, and frustrated trying to roll to his back, he starts crying and I show him how to roll over again. I think he'll get it soon.

Tristan is somewhat mobile. When he's on his tummy, he scoots himself places. Not too far yet, but he can get to his toys that are scattered on the floor around him, given enough time.

Tristan gets bored with things. Especially walks in the stroller. Sigh. We've gone for some walks where about a mile out he decides he's had enough and starts crying. If I stop and pay attention to him, he smiles and is happy again. So, yes, he's bored with the walk. So far I've managed to stop him from crying by giving him a new toy to play with (thank goodness I brought the diaper bag!), and by going on shorter walks. Unfortunately, his lack of sleeping extends to the stroller, so I can't count on him taking a nap to keep him occupied.

Speaking of sleeping, Tristan is sometimes taking longer naps of 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. Woo Hoo! He doesn't do it every day, but it's frequent enough that I feel like I have some time to do stuff. So the house is not quite the disaster area it has been over the past few months, and E occasionally has dinner waiting for him when he comes home.

Tristan is imitating us. On 10/10/10 we were coming home from a friends wedding, and stopped to feed Tristan. We'd been in the car for a while, so after we changed him, we played for a few minutes. I had him standing on my lap, and vibrated my lips while making a bub-bub sound. Tristan looked at me, and then started trying to do the same! It was so very cute! He could make the bub-bub sound, or blow air, and was trying really hard to do them together. He still hasn't figured it out, but tries all the time now.

Tristan is starting to try different foods. We haven't gotten him on a normal eating schedule yet, that will come soon. But for now, when I have something I'm eating, and he seems interested, and it's baby friendly, I'm giving him tiny samples. He's had butternut squash and apples so far. He makes faces when I put the food in his mouth, but then swallows it, so I think he likes it.

Tristan is mister distracto-baby. He's so interested in what's going on around him (good!), that he will stop eating to check out a sound or even just to see if something has happened while he wasn't looking (makes feeding him take longer, not so good). It's really neat to see him exploring the world around him, and to see what makes him smile and laugh. It also means he's interested in books now, as long as they're colorful. The story holds his attention for a bit too, he looks at me as I read it to him, then looks at the book as I point out things that go along with the story.

Tristan is starting to cry when strange people (aka, not me or E) talk to him and he's tired. If he's about ready for a nap or to go to bed and someone talks to him, he starts crying, even if E or I are holding him. So we now know not to hand him off to a new person if he's tired. On the positive side, as long as the 'new' person has been around while he wasn't tired, then he's OK with them holding him when he's tired. I guess it's just that 'I haven's seen you before and no, I don't want you to hold me!' stage.

Tristan is now in 12 and 18 month clothes. He's been in them for a while, I'm thinking right around the 5 month mark was when we made the switch. There are two 9 month items that still fit him, barely, and they're so cute we're still using them. But otherwise, he's fully in the larger clothes. Some of the 12 month clothes are actually starting to barely fit. He's definitely a growing boy! I didn't get to the doctors scale this month, so I'm not sure what he weighs, but he is a heavy boy. We'll see what he comes in at during the 6 month appointment in a couple of weeks.

Tristan is playing in his ExerSaucer. I brought it in the house and set it up and his first time in it he was turning himself around and playing (well, trying to eat) with the different toys. He seems to really like it. And with it set to the shortest position, he can easily touch the base. So I guess he really was ready for it. In an effort to have some space in the living room for us too, we disassembled the swing and put that in storage. He never really seemed that interested in it, maybe the next kid will like it.

And that's it, that's all I can think of that happened in the last month and 3/4.