Sunday, April 27, 2008

Turkey Sighting, Number 2

A few days ago E was walking by the glass door to the deck and scared a turkey that was eating under our bird feeder. It ran off into the woods behind the house.

Tonight, we were in the dining room and I looked out the window to see a turkey next to the driveway. It walked behind the garage-mahal, and appeared under the bird feeder a few minutes later. It got its snack and then made its way into the woods behind the house again.

I think its a nester, and we're going to have turkey babies!

Birthday tunes

Just before my birthday (Feb 25), E got himself a new car. It was time. His old faithful Maxima was dieing a quick death. He sold the Maxima, and remembered (this time) to take out his after-market stereo. It turned out that his new Subaru has a pretty good stereo in it. So, what to do with the old one? Give it to me for a birthday present! Well, OK, the present was really that he'd install it for me. Which he did. Today. What can I say, my honey's a procrastinator, and I know it! So, woo hoo for birthday tunes!


We had a great time in the Bahamas! We went to the beach, SCUBA diving 3 days, horse back riding along the beach, and had fun playing Backgammon with our friends that were there with us.

The house where we stayed
E and me on the Pier at Taino Beach
Gold Rock Beach at sunsetN, L, E, and me riding on the beach
E, L, and me playing Backgammon

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This morning I got up, and stumbled down stairs to feed the animals and start some coffee. As I was leaning over to feed the fish, I looked out the window and saw 2 white-tailed deer 10 feet away on the lawn. It was a doe and yearling faun, stopping to have some yummy acorns and flower buds from our lawn and gardens. These two are probably part of the herd, consisting of 2 does (Momma and Boxy) and twin fauns (Cherry and Arrow), that were visiting us daily last autumn. So then, where are the other doe and faun?

The doe spotted me taking her picture,
and they disappeared into the woods.