Sunday, January 18, 2009

Temperature Theory

This week was a cold one, on Friday morning it was -15 degrees F when I left for work at 8am. My kind of weather!

Which leads to my theory. People like the kind of weather they were born in. So in New England, if you were born during the blizzard of 1978 (albeit in northern New York), you like the cold! So far my theory is holding true. Of all the people I've surveyed, those born in the summer like it hot (anything above 75 is hot to me), and if they were born in the winter they like it cold, like me. And spring and fall babies like it different degrees of moderate.

My family definitely follows this theory. My dad and I were both born in February and we like the cold. I'm grumpy any time the thermometer hits 75 and above. My mom and sister were both born in late summer, and they like it hot. My mom didn't like the cold so much, she moved to New Mexico!

So, what was the weather like when and where you were born? Does my theory hold out for you too?