Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleep Spurt

The best part about being a mom? Tristan! The worst part? Being a first time mom and not knowing. When Tristan was coming down with E's cold and was fussy from 5pm to midnight, was he getting sick, or was I missing something he was trying to tell me? When he spiked a fever over 100F, was it the cold or was he sick with something else? When he was having trouble breathing at night, was I right to not call the pediatrician and try to keep him propped up to sleep? All of these I now know the answer to, and think I'll be able to handle just fine next time. So the new unknown, the change in sleep patterns.

For the past 3 days, Tristan has gone from sleeping for an hour or two during the day between feedings, to three to four hours. Doesn't seem like a big difference, except when you realize it's double what it was. So, is this sleep spurt a growth spurt? I think so, and that's why I'm not worried. But it is a little nerve wracking. Part of me wonders if maybe something else is up, if something's wrong. But he's eating, and making messy diapers, and seems content sleeping, so it must be fine. Right?