Friday, February 3, 2012

Symptoms of... Pregnancy?

Over the summer, Evan and I decided that we were ready to make our family bigger. We figured that we'd start trying for baby #2 in November, that way I'd be pregnant over the summer when I could stay in the pool all day with Tristan. And then baby #2 would have an end of summer, beginning of autumn birthday. Perfect!

Skip ahead to November. We started trying. And by the beginning of December, I started having symptoms. The question, were they pregnancy symptoms or something else?

Symptom #1: Fatigue
I was tired. So tired I actually took a nap. For those that know me well, I'll give you a second to pick yourselves up off the floor. OK. Ready? Yeah, I needed a nap multiple days in a row. But at the same time I was fighting a off a cold that Evan had brought home. And Tristan was getting up for the day between 5 and 6:30. So maybe that's why I was so tired? Keep in mind, when I was pregnant with Tristan, I didn't nap, or feel the need to.

Symptom #2: Tighter Shirts
OK, so, yeah, this might be too much info for some, and if so, you should just skip ahead now. Anyway, suddenly my chest seemed larger. Was was I finally getting back my pre-Tristan boobs? I'd heard that 3-6 months after you stop breastfeeding your boobs come back, was it actually happening? Or was the pregnancy-boob fairy here?

Symptom #3: Nausea
While out shopping one day, I stepped into a room where they were serving ham for lunch.  And I immediately ran back out the door, trying not to gag. Was the vegetarian in me revolting? I mean, when I was pregnant with Tristan, I didn't get all-day-sickness until I was 8 weeks along.  At this point, it was only 3 weeks!

Symptom #4: Oh Man, I Gotta Pee!
I wasn't sure, but it seemed that I was needing to go to the bathroom more frequently. But maybe I was just drinking more water lately? Hmmm...

So, with these thoughts in my head, I waited until mid-December. And do you know what the best sign of pregnancy is?

Baby #2 is due August 16!