Thursday, August 28, 2008

Falling off the edge of the... blog

List of excuses for not blogging recently:
  1. "Vacation" with family - Actually, I think I need a vacation from my vacation. Sorry family.
  2. New employee - I have my first employee, and she's great! But so little work gets done when you're training someone, which leads to...
  3. Work - What do you mean 12 hour days aren't normal?
  4. The never ending story of the Garage-Mahal - List of items still to do:
    1. Finish driveway - I don't like slamming the nose of my car on the cement skirt
    2. Electricity - Of course, the green extension cord running from the house to the garage-mahal is permanent, what do you mean?
    3. Stair to second story - Although, extension ladder access is looking mighty fine right now.
    4. Gutters - Rain flowing off the roof into the Garage-Mahal, not so good.
    5. Final inspection - You mean MA requires a work permit?
    6. Landscaping - I'm thinking this might start next year...
  5. Spending time with husband - He is still around somewhere, right?
  6. Riding - My sanity. Although with another 2 week break just past, I'm not sure how sane I am...